Automatic doors, gates, security systems and accessories
Automatic doors, gates, security systems and accessories
Doormatics NZ automatic gates doors barrier arms
Automatic doors, gates, security systems and accessories

Automatic Doors, Gates, Barrier Arms and their Accessories

We specialise in quality automations for Doors, Gates, Barrier Arms and Security Systems.
As suppliers of the Ditec Entrematic range, Doormatics NZ provides the goods that residential and commercial New Zealanders use to enhance and protect their assets or families.

Choose Doormatics NZ for:

  • Increased Security
  • Greater Convenience
  • Improved Privacy
  • Traffic Management
  • Enhancing your property's Value
  • Excluding Unwanted Visitors
  • Keeping Young Children and Pets straying from the safety of home boundaries
At Doormatics NZ we believe that high quality products are required to provide superior long term solutions without unnecessary breakdowns. That is why we are proud to stock the Ditec range of automations. 
Based in Italy, Ditec Entrematic has been producing automations for gates and pedestrian doors since 1974.  Ditecs reputation for excellence and reliability is confirmed by their ISO 9001 quality management accreditation and this is reflected in all their products.
Our network of Dealers throughout New Zealand can ensure your automation is installed correctly and the product performs as required.
We know you will be pleased with the quality, reliability and safety of all the Ditec Entrematic systems.
To find out more about our products or to obtain details on your local Dealer please phone us on 0800 434 832 or email us, we will be happy to help.
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The NEOS (24V) range of actuators for sliding gates is proving to be very successful. The NEOS is the replacement of the CROSS 3 to 8 actuators. The Cross 18VE (230V) and CROSS 30E (400V) are still being produced.  Read more here